Birds Eye View

Sometimes great information from sources other than digital technology sites arrive in my inbox, today is one of those days. I subscribe to the artips newsletter which is a fountain of historical information for visual artists and art teachers. Today’s arrival has jumped beyond the artist and into the popular niche of STEAM. It also melds beautifully with many of our Digital Technology devices, including drones and Ozobots.

The newsletter features the work of Julius Neubronner, a German pharmacist, who had a passion for photography and strapped a miniature camera onto a pigeon. Hhhmm…are you seeing the connection? What a great topic to introduce and integrate the science, technology, engineering, art and math aspects into your teaching unit.


julius_neubronner_with_pigeon_and_camera_1914The connection with drones is obvious, but what about Ozobots? Well, for those of us working with little people, we often have to teach about ‘birds eye view’, when drawing our maps. What a great way to do this with actual historical evidence of what a bird can see from high above us. Imagine the engagement when you explain how Julius Neubronner attached a camera to a bird! Yes, I know that David Attenborough and his techies have done it thousands of times, but this is from the olden days.

Mr Neubronner also delivered his medical prescriptions by pigeon, and now we have drones delivering pizza! There is loads of connections to be made with then and now.

Check out the newsletter for yourself here. How would you use this information in your class?

Here are a few links with extra information: