The Story of Leanne Wagner and Biscitmx.

Hi, I’m Leanne Wagner. I am a teacher, artist and mother, with a passion for technology.

I currently work at an Australian district high school, this means I get to work with little and big kids. I teach across a vast array of learning areas, at the moment this includes Digital Technology, HASS, English, Health, Visual Arts, Design and Math.

When I’m not working I’m playing with technology and art supplies, sometimes at the same time.

I am addicted to learning more about the latest technology, keeping Kickstarter campaigns and the like afloat, building my DT knowledge for teaching, and justifying to my husband why we now own a drone, several robots, various coding devices and resources, umpteen hundred applications, tech books, etc., etc., etc… hence Biscitmx!

Biscitmx.com is a resource for me to store all my finds, resources, new knowledge and DT experiences. It’s a site aimed at helping and sharing with other teachers, linking what’s happening in the DT educational world with those interested in lifelong learning.

Why name it Biscitmx? Why not? Who doesn’t like biscuits, be they paleo or the real deal, sugar loaded! Seriously though teaching and learning is a mix of many elements, and often we never know if the end product will be a success. The successful baker experiments, trials and tests over time, allows for faults, takes advice, and adds and reduces until they find the right mix, balance and skill set.  Sounds a lot like what us teachers do on a daily basis and need to keep doing to lead our students into the future.

Let’s mix it up and keep on mixing!

P.S. Yes I know how to spell ‘biscuit mix’ but the English language is always evolving and who has time to include those two extra letters when tweeting. Plus, I needed a domain name!